Located on Sukhumvit Road, between Soi Sukhumvit 22 and Sukhumvit 24, EmSphere brings together entertainment, innovation, trends, and the lifestyle of the future inside a massive mall of over 200,000 square meters.

We wrote your essential Floor-by-Floor Guide to Emsphere, detailing what each level offers. 

Whether you’re a local or a tourist, discover where to shop, eat, and relax in this brand-new urban oasis.

Mami Is Calling You At EmSphere

We can see the 3D plan of the main room in Mami Rose Restaurant located in EmSphere mall in Bangkok

Whenever you go to EmSphere, you have to stop by Mami Rose for a drink, a meal, or to try their incredible brunch.

Located on the 5th floor of the mall, Mami Rose offers a cozy atmosphere and Instagrammable design which is perfect for relaxing after hours of shopping.

Have a look at their website for more information.

Ground Floor: A Paradise For Foodies

yes emsphere guide ground floor

The ground floor of EmSphere offers a wide range of places to eat and drink.

Start by shopping at the Gourmet Market where you’ll find all types of food from every corner of the world.

Continue your exploration with the massive list of restaurants, cafes, and bars from Western eastery to Thai specialties.

You will find many options here.

If you want to eat locally, you can try Pad Thai Fai Ta Lu or Fá Plā Tahń’ which offer incredible traditional Thai meals.

In case you prefer to eat European food, we recommend you to try Panetti Pizza for Italian quality specialties or Piri Piri, a flaming grill where you can enjoy grilled chicken and hamburgers.

You will also find famous US fast food restaurants like Shake Shak and their iconic burgers, as well as Krispy Kreme and their delicious doughnuts.

The ground floor is also the perfect place to take your coffee and eat some original pastries at Souri or the incredible Bean Coffee Roaster, the coffee expert of the mall. 

If you want to spend some time outside, 2 options are available.

You can sit and enjoy a drink at the EM Square or the Hoegaarden Space.

The Hoegaarden Space is located next to the second building.

It is a beer garden that is amazing to take a break before or after your long day of shopping.

GM Floor: Need More Options For Your Meal?

yes emsphere gm floor

If you didn’t find anything to your liking on the Ground floor, head to the GM floor to get a wider panel of food.

The GM floor offers a large selection of Japanese restaurants like Hitori Shabu, Hachicken Ramen, Yuzu Suki, and many more.

These restaurants have selected world-class premium ingredients.

Most of them are directly delivered from Japan and filled with sushi, sashimi, rolls, and many more appetizers.

Famous brands like KFC, Gordon Ramsay Street Kitchen, and the famous US Red Lobster are also on this floor.

For a unique coffee experience, the iconic worldwide king of coffee Starbucks has implemented the first branch in Thailand to use an OVISO coffee maker instead of the Espresso Machine that we are familiar with.

M Floor: The EM Gallery

yes emsphere guide 1f floor club 21 lab

After eating well, it’s time to explore the mall.

The EM gallery is the first place you will pass by. 

The floor brings together numerous clothing brands, beauty products, and perfume shops. 

Luxury brands like Channel, Burberry, Marc Jacobs, YSL, Dior, and many more are perfect for fashion lovers.

You can also find the latest brand collections of these luxury brands.

And if you want to explore new trends, you have to stop by Club21 Lab, Pony Stone, DeUs Ex Machina, and Flynowiii. 

Don’t forget to pass by Le Labo, a unique shop of perfumes where you can try multiple scents and allows you to find your perfect match.

Last but not least, the Parisian shop Maison Berger adds a touch of poetry to home fragrances.

With over 50 scents, they have innovative products to purify the air, eliminate unpleasant odors, and enhance home ambiance.

1F Floor: EM Lifestyle

yes emsphere new balance

After visiting the luxury and fancy EM Gallery, you can go straight to the EM Lifestyle floor dedicated to lifestyle and sports brands. 

This floor offers a large range of different types of clothing, equipment, and accessories from brands like Lacoste, and Tissot to the unique Heineken pop-up store.

If you want to get a new pair of shoes, options like Foot Locker, New Balance, and Adidas have everything you need.

Special note for the National Geographic store, which is the first shop of the lifestyle brand in Thailand.

There you’ll find only camping clothing and equipment brands where the world of nature meets fashion.

They offer environmentally conscious, quality clothing inspired by their experience with adventures.

2F Floor: EM Innovation

yes emsphere luxury car showroom

When you’re done with shopping for clothes, move on to the next floor.

EM Innovation floor offers a lot of different innovative stores like Monowheel, Solar D, Technogym, or Boonlapo offering you unique experiences.

For example, Boonlapo aims to bring the best tech and design to Thai people through unique lifestyle brands.

If you’re a car lover, enjoy the showrooms of luxury car brands Lamborghini, Lotus, and Bentley.

Automakers like Porshe, Volvo, and Hyundai are also present.

To complete the tour of this floor, head to 52Toys, which is a kid paradise inside the mall.

They offer a wide range of toys and exclusive collectible figurines for all ages.

3F & 4F Floor: IKEA

yes emsphere ikea floor 4

Finally, there’s an Ikea store in the center of Bangkok.

You don’t need to go all the way to Bangna or Bang Yai to shop at the famous Swedish furnitures shop.. 

Now you can find everything you need for your house on the 3rd and 4th floor of Emsphere.

This branch is fully prepared and presents 26 sample rooms. 

Go around and find inspiration for your home.

This Ikea also features a Swedish Food Market where shoppers can pick up traditional Swedish specialties.

5F Floor: EM Wonder

mami rose 3d plan april 2024 indoor booth

Now let’s get to the most exciting floor of EmSphere, called EmWonder

The first place to open there was Tribe Sky Beach Club, a rooftop bar with a beach club vibe where you can chill by the pool during the day, and party at night.

Tribe offers international cuisine and delicious drinks from noon until late at night

The floor is completed by a dozen international restaurants, including popular names like Wine Gate et Shakiriki.

But the true highlight of this floor is Mami Rose.

The Goodtime Restaurant is inspired by the Miami of the 80’s and is the place to be for delicious food, refreshing drinks, and a festive night.

Don’t forget to stop by when you visit EmSphere.

6F Floor: UOB Live

yes em sphere uob live

Recently opened and located on the 6th floor of EMSphere Mall, UOB Live is the new entertainment center in the hear of Bangkok.

UOB Live can accommodate up to 6,000 standing and 4,500 seated, making it ideal to host cultural events, conferences, exhibitions, and concerts.

This venue welcome a variety of performances every year, from concerts featuring top international artists like Ed Sheeran, and Tom Jones to local music acts.

The stage system, lighting, sound, and screens are very modern and allow an immersive experience for spectators that is unmatched in Bangkok. 

Check their schedule to catch their next event

Plan Your Visit Of EmSphere Now

Emsphere is not just a mall; it’s a multi-dimensional space that caters to every aspect of modern life—from shopping and dining to entertainment and relaxation.

Each floor offers its own unique set of attractions, making Emsphere a must-visit destination in Bangkok. 

How To Get To EmSphere?

With the BTS, take the Sukhumvit line, stop at Phrom Pong station, and follow the skywalk along Benchasiri Park to the mall.

With the MRT, you can transfer to the BTS at Asoke station (connected to Sukhumvit Line), and then take the BTS Sukhumvit line to go one stop east to Phrom Phong

If you take a taxi or Grab taxi, open your Grab app and enter “EmSphere” as your destination.

The app will direct the driver to take the most efficient route to EmSphere, located at 628 Sukhumvit Road.


What can we do at EmSphere? 

At EmSphere you can do multiple things like shopping, eating, watching a show, having a drink, and of course, party at Mami Rose.

What can we eat at EmSphere?

At EmSphere, you can eat anything from Thai specialties on the GM Floor to Western cuisine at Mami Rose.

Is there a parking at EmSphere?

Yes, EmSphere has a parking.