There are a lot of things that Thailand is known for and beautiful Thai women are definitely one of them.

Thai models in particular, have been capturing the attention of the world with their incredible beauty, elegance, and charming personality.

Come To Pastel Bangkok to Dine, Drink and Party With The Most Beautiful Thai Girls

We are fortunate and honored to welcome some of the most gorgeous Thai models at Pastel Bangkok.

Let’s take a look at the top Thai models that have visited our rooftop bar.

Kanticha Chumma

Ticha is a beautiful Thai model and multi-talented artist.

After winning The Face modeling competition in 2016, she became super famous in Thailand and abroad.

Now she hosts her very own YouTube channel of half a million subscribers where she creates fun videos about sex education.

She also does brand ambassadorships and gives speeches at events.

Check her out in this amazing black outfit at Pastel, looking absolutely sexy alongside her gorgeous friends.

Jukukoo (Salita Jukkoo)

Salita Kilnchan, nicknamed “Jukkoo” is an absolutely exquisite Thai model from Samut Songkhram.

She is another contestant on The Face Thailand Season 2, where she appeared alongside Ticha.

They even visited Pastel together.

Jukkoo has also done some drama TV shows in 2017 and continues to showcase her unlimited modeling talent on social media.

We are super delighted that Pastel is her favorite new place in Bangkok.

Prakai Kaew

Prakai Kaew is a lovely Thai influencer and aspiring model with over 123k followers.

She gained popularity with her amazing facial features and sensational body.

Prakai loves to wine and dine at bars and restaurants.

She also likes to pose in her bikini at hotels and beaches.

But it’s not just all looks and beauty.

She is also a brilliant entrepreneur managing multiple businesses including a real estate agency, an alcohol distribution company, and a photography agency.

She is certainly living her best life.


Kayla is what you call a classic Thai beauty who is truly living her best everyday life as she is both an entrepreneur and an Air Asia brand ambassador.

You can see her jet-setting around the globe and having a glamorous lifestyle.

She visits all kinds of rooftop bars, restaurants and stays at luxury hotels around the world.

Other than travel, she also likes scuba diving and investing in crypto, all while managing an e-commerce business.


Alyssa is an absolute goddess.

She is the ultimate Thai fashion model who is simply gorgeous from head to toe.

With over 59k followers, Alyssa catches the attention of everyone everywhere she goes.

Check her out looking flawless while traveling the world, staying at luxury hotels, and visiting trendy bars.

Punnyaaphat Thanhomkul

Punnyaaphat is a cute and strong Thai actress and model.

She has amazingly striking features such as her beautiful eyes and adorable smile.

Apart from being a model, she owns an online clothing store as well.

She also has a YouTube channel with her boyfriend where they create videos on travel, fitness, cooking, and music festivals.


Sinchanok klaitae, nicknamed Thankyou is another super attractive model who has graced us with her presence at Pastel.

She is a multi-talented Thai model who does a bit of everything but her main interest seems to be fitness as she is seen quite often at the gym doing cardio, strength training, and calisthenics.

But don’t let her strong figure fool you.

Thankyou is a sweetie and an adorable person with a heart of gold.


Ailyn might look like your average food and lifestyle blogger but she is much more than that.

Apart from her beautiful Asian features and sexy lean figure, she is a fun and charismatic person.

When she is not partying or visiting rooftop bars, Ailyn is having adventures at the beach or scuba diving.

Mint Warapon

Mint is a bombshell of a Thai model who loves the beach and showing off her incredible body in sexy beachwear.

She definitely gives off sexy island girl vibes with her tan skin, striking features, and thick hair.

Mint can easily switch between a cute smile and a seductive look, which leaves her incredibly desirable.

While it’s clear she prefers the beach, it was a pleasure having her visit Pastel.

Areye Tanyarat

Areye Tanratam better known as Tanya, visited Pastel in a sexy black dress and we all fell in love with her.

Originally from Chaiyaphum, Tanya studied social development at Buriram Rajabhat University before becoming a successful fashion model.

In 2020, she was announced as the Grid Girl of the Year in Thailand.

Whether it is posing in a motorsport outfit, a bikini, or a dress, Tanya is always looking stunning.


Influencer, actress, and model, Lemonniiz is so attractive, she makes most guys speechless.

Whether she is in a hot dress at a bar or a sexy bikini at the beach, she looks remarkably gorgeous every time.

Her amazing figure is matched perfectly with her even more pretty Thai face.

Nesa Mahmoodi

Nesa Mahmoodi is a strikingly gorgeous Thai-Iranian beauty queen from Ratchaburi.

She was a 3rd runner-up in Miss Grand Thailand 2022.

Through her modeling career, she has gained over 288k fans on Instagram.

She is an authentic, beautiful, and wonderful person.

Her hobbies include fitness, travel, and beauty.

We are glad to have her having a fun time at Pastel.


Bonus is a multi-talented, gorgeous, and classy Thai model.

Having graduated from Thammasat, Bonus continued on to be a 1st runner-up at the Miss Grand Chachoengsao 2019.

She is also a race car driver and a 3k Race Queen Champion.

Her accomplishments are quite impressive and it is not just because of her stunning looks.

Nicha Nichakran

Nicha Nichakran is a beautiful Thai model and a freelance actress.

Her gorgeous face, lovely curly hair and knockout figure has gained her over 10k followers on Instagram.

Apart from her looks, Nicha is all about self love and positive vibes and is often giving advice on how to be better.

She also loves to cook, often making delicious homemade healthy meals, which she shares on social media.

Jayne Caldwell

Jayne Caldwell is a Thai-Australian bombshell beauty who is known for her awesome personality, gorgeous face, and an incredible slim-thick body.

In fact she founded YA BISH FIT, which is the #1 slim thick health and fitness program.

She also created the Not Another Detox Tea

She is absolutely living her best life as she perfectly balances health, fitness, and career while still being able to enjoy eating out with her loved ones.


Jam or JammyJam is a super duper pretty Thai model and influencer.

Young, fabulous and extremely hot, Jam has the love of tens of thousands of men (and women) in Thailand and around the world.

She also owns an online women’s clothing store called that has cute and cool fashion pieces.

Jam is often seen out wearing her own outfits at music festivals, restaurants, and cafes.

She looks mighty fine in these clothes.

Oh and if you ever need tips on how to pose for photos, Jam has got you covered.


Pantira, also known as Dream is a glamorous Thai model and social media star with a very sexy look and body.

She does a bit of everything.

She models, travels, goes on awesome adventures and trips, attends music festivals, and of course, visits cool restaurants like Pastel

As a Taurus, Pantira is definitely a sensual and tenacious woman. 


Natcher is a lovely Thai girl who spends her time building herself as a beauty blogger.

She is a fun-loving person with an adorable attitude.

This matches really well with her amazing looks and fit body.

Natcher can be seen out traveling quite often and eating or partying around Bangkok.

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Who is the most famous Thai model on Instagram?

The most famous Thai model on Instagram is Davika Hoorne.

Who are the most famous Thai top models?

The most famous top Thai models are Araya Alberta Hargate, Chalita Suansane, and Amanda Obdam.