The brunch scene in Bangkok has never been better! 

New restaurants have sprung up everywhere in the last few years, bringing a lot of options for brunches.

Offering à la carte and buffet options, available during weekends or even all week, sometimes extending throughout the day.

From cozy cafés to fancy restaurants, we have listed for you the 6 best brunch spots in Bangkok.

Mami Rose

mami rose 3d plan april 2024 main indoor center

Mami Rose is your new favorite spot for your Saturday and Sunday brunch in Bangkok.

Nestled on the 5th Floor of EmSphere Mall in Phrom Pong (along Sukhumvit Road), Mami Rose is a must-try among locals and travelers alike.

You can enjoy a special brunch set all weekend with a festive ambiance.

With a menu including fresh, artisanal dishes, every bite here tells a story of quality and care. 

It’s the place to go if you’re looking for fresh pastries, sourdough bread with delicious spreads, and incredible coffee to pair it with.

Whether you want it to be a boozy brunch or you prefer to stick to fresh juices, they have both options available.

The decor is just as good as the food, with pastel colors inspired by the Miami 80’s art deco era.

Ready to indulge in a brunch like no other?


frans brunch bangkok

Fran’s offers a daily brunch experience that’s as stylish as it is delicious.

Known for its modern European dishes, Fran’s has something for everyone and every day. 

From fluffy pancakes to savory egg Benedict, the flavors are spot-on, and the presentation is picture-perfect.

Here, enjoy a variety of quality breakfast and brunch options crafted by their talented chef, Charlie Kader.

It’s a great spot to unwind in the Sathorn area after a week of work or to catch up with friends over good food.


complete breakfast sarnies brunch bangkok

Established in 2018, Sarnies is a hit among coffee lovers, and this brand is not just about great brews. 

What used to be an abandoned 150-year-old former boat repair shop is now their flagship coffee house in the heart of Bangkok situated riverside.

They also have 3 other establishments in town, so you have plenty of locations to try their brunch.

What is unique about Sarnies is that they use the freshest, locally sourced ingredients and roast their own coffee weekly.

Their brunch menu is a compilation of hearty and wholesome choices that will put you in a good mood for the day to come.

Think grain bowls, avocado toasts, and a selection of gourmet sandwiches big on flavor. 

It’s casual, it’s exciting, and it’s got the kind of vibe that makes any morning better.

Breakfast Story

brunch platters breakfast story bangkok

With 4 establishments in town, the breakfast representative in Bangkok is enjoying growing success.

Their most popular restaurant is near Phrom Pong, just a few hundred meters from the BTS Station.

As the name suggests, Breakfast Story is all about starting the day with the most delicious breakfast.

These cozy cafés serve up some of the best brunch in Bangkok, with classics like eggs Benedict and innovative dishes like breakfast burritos. 

The ambiance is laid-back, with soft music and warm lighting that makes you feel right at home.

It’s the perfect place for breakfast and brunch, every day of the week.


tobys outdoor terrace bangkok

Savor all-day brunch at Toby’s, any day of the week!

Toby’s is a great cafe that goes beyond the ordinary breakfast experience. 

Their menu includes an impressive blend of flavors, with each dish meticulously crafted to deliver a delightful start to your day.

Here, the focus is on quality ingredients and a menu that combines creativity with incredible flavors. 

Whether you’re in the mood for a healthy salad, an oatmeal bowl with yogurt and fresh fruits, or a sourdough slice with avocado and salmon, Toby’s delivers. 

The setting is minimalist and elegant, providing a calm backdrop for a delightful meal.


zuma brunch

Known for its exquisite Japanese cuisine, Zuma offers their Sunday brunch experience that includes everything from sushi to grilled delicacies exclusively on Sunday.

This Japanese restaurant follows an Izakaya style, offering a lively and modern atmosphere. 

They present high-quality cuisine blending Japanese flavors with Western techniques.

The atmosphere is upscale, making it perfect for special occasions or when you want to impress. 

With impeccable service and a renowned menu, Zuma turns brunch into a luxurious treat.

Each of these venues brings something unique to the table, from the authentic flavors at Mami Rose to the upscale Japanese offerings at Zuma.

They not only promise delicious food but also a great place to enhance your brunch experience.


What is the best brunch spot in Bangkok?

The best brunch spot in Bangkok is Mami Rose.

How do I choose the perfect brunch spot in Bangkok?

To find the perfect brunch spot in Bangkok, consider what atmosphere you prefer, the variety of the menu, and reviews from previous customers.
For the best weekend brunch in Bangkok, Mami Rose is the place to be.
For a brunch any day of the week with a large range of options, try Toby’s in Sukhumvit Soi 38.
And for a brunch with incredible pastries, try Fran’s.

Are these brunch spots suitable for vegetarians?

Yes, each of the spots we listed in our list offers vegetarian options.

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