Bangkok is home to an incredible fine dining scene and some of the best Michelin-star restaurants in the world.

Michelin Star restaurants are known for their high standards in culinary excellence, superb service, unique dining experiences, and renowned chefs who have spent years mastering their creative cooking techniques and recipes.

But with over 30 restaurants that received a star in Bangkok, which ones are the best?

Pastel Team has selected for you the 5 best Michelin Star restaurants in Bangkok.

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tuna surprise at Pastel Bangkok

Did you know we have our very own 1 Michelin-star chef?

Meet Chef Kilian Fioretto.

Chef Kilian received his first Michelin Star in Switzerland at Les Montagnards – Le Sommet à Broc.

After several successful years, Fioretto decided to move to Bangkok, driven by his passion for Asian cuisine and the desire to explore new culinary ideas, including fusion cuisine.

This led him to Pastel where he is now the executive chef.

At Pastel, he is the mastermind behind all the Mediterranean flavors and aromas on our menu.

He meticulously sources all the fresh ingredients before turning them into delicious culinary masterpieces.

If you can’t decide between French, Italian, Spanish, or Greek food, why not come to Pastel where you get it all in one place?

Try some of our amazing signature Mediterranean dishes the next time you are in Sukhumvit Soi 11.

Maison Dunand

Exquisite dessert from Maison Dunand, a distinguished Michelin-starred restaurant in Bangkok

Maison Dunand is a contemporary French restaurant with a one-star rating in the 2023 Michelin Guide.

It is owned by Chef Arnaud Dunand who was once the Head Chef at Le Normandie, Bangkok’s oldest Michelin-star restaurant.

Chef Dunand started his culinary journey at the age of 12 and has since been in the industry, cooking in kitchens around France and Asia.

He is well-known for his incredible classic French cooking techniques and creative dishes.

At Maison Dunand, he takes you on a journey to the Savoie region of France with dishes inspired by his childhood and travels.

Some of the signature dishes include caviar potato, Hokkaido scallops, blue lobster, and venison. 

Each dish looks and tastes incredible.

The restaurant’s elegant and warm design makes you feel like you are inside a chalet in the French Alps.

Blue By Alain Ducasse

Discover the magnificent interior of the Blue by Alain Ducasse Bangkok french restaurant.

Blue is not only a 1-star Michelin restaurant, but it is also listed as the top 25 restaurants in Asia.

It is owned and run by French chef Alain Ducasse who is a legend and celebrity in the culinary world. 

He has 21 Michelin Stars, owns over 30 restaurants, and has a long list of impressive accolades.

Blue By Alain Ducasse is a beautiful luxury restaurant that has a blue, white, and wooden design, which gives the place a very elegant but warm and inviting atmosphere.

You also get amazing panoramic views of the river through the floor-to-ceiling windows.

When it comes to the food, Blue offers A La Carte and tasting menus featuring flavorful French dishes.

Signatures like Hokkaido scallops, Norwegian lobster with champagne sauce, and the high-quality Australian Wagyu beef are definitely worth trying.


Spectacular ambiance and panoramic views at Mezzaluna, an esteemed Michelin-starred restaurant in Bangkok.

Mezzaluna has not one but two Michelin stars.

What more can you expect when you combine amazing Japanese-French fusion cuisine, an extravagant ambiance, uber-elegant decor, and gorgeous views from the 65th floor of the iconic Lebua Hotel?

The restaurant’s seasonal menu is the creative work of head Chef Ryuki Kawasaki, a Japanese chef who likes to put a Japanese twist to classic French cuisine.

This is because after joining a culinary school in Tokyo, he moved to France to continue his training.

Since then, he worked in some of the world’s best kitchens before joining Mezzaluna in 2015.

The menu at Mezzaluna consists mostly of seafood as the Chef believes that the freshest and most inspirational ingredients come from the sea.

Although the dishes change with the seasons, one item remains the same – the Charcoal-grilled Niigata Murakami Beef.

A must-try!


Artful plate with vibrant flowers, a culinary masterpiece from Gaa, a prestigious Michelin-starred restaurant in Bangkok.

Out with the old and in with the new.

That is the concept behind Gaa, a fine-dining Indian restaurant that has a traditional look from the outside but is modern from the inside.

The chef, owner, and heart of Gaa, Garima Arora takes classic Indian recipes and transforms them with modern cooking techniques and presentation.

The result is incredibly unique Indian dishes that are not only bursting with flavors but also look amazing on camera.

Chef Garima is the first Indian woman to win a Michelin star and has worked with big-name chefs such as Gordon Ramsay and Gaggan Anand.

Through her experience and talent, it is no wonder Chef Garima opened a successful 1-star Michelin restaurant that is also ranked #33 in the world’s best restaurants.


Exquisite fall-themed dish at Suhring, a Michelin-starred restaurant in Bangkok.

Suhring is an amazing 2-star Michelin restaurant that has broken the boundaries of traditional German food.

Twin Chefs Matthias and Thomas have taken what they learned from their grandparents and transformed childhood recipes into modern German dishes.

Suhring uses seasonal ingredients and traditional cooking methods but the end result is fine dining dishes that taste and look incredible.

The menu at Suhring is a combination of seasonal course menus with à la carte add-ons.

If you are lucky, try their Scallop & Kristal Caviar, 7-day aged lamb, and the blue lobster.

Much like the food, the restaurant atmosphere is also a mix of style and comfort.

In fact, Suhring has four dining ambiances – a cozy “Dining Room”, a lively “Kitchen”, the peacefully scenic “Glass House”, and a private “Living Room”.


How many Michelin-starred restaurants does Bangkok have?

Bangkok has 30 Michelin-starred restaurants.

Captivating culinary creation at Suhring, a renowned Michelin-starred restaurant in Bangkok

Pastel Team Selected For You The Best Restaurants In Bangkok

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