Bangkok is ideally located to be home to amazing seafood restaurants, whether it is from the river or the sea.

There are a lot of them though. 

So we went exploring the city and we’ve rounded up the best seafood restaurants in town, serving up the freshest catches and outstanding ocean-inspired dishes. 

Let’s dive in and get ready for an incredible seafood feast in Bangkok.

Pastel Bangkok

People grabbing food from Pastel Bangkok seafood yacht with knives and forks.

There is nothing better than eating seafood from the Mediterranean Sea.

And it’s not the distance that should stop you from enjoying really good Mediterranean cuisine in Bangkok.

Pastel rooftop bar and restaurant in Sukhumvit Soi 11 is the perfect place to try some of those flavors.

Our restaurant has it all.

Great seafood dishes, a party vibe, and beautiful rooftop views.

Start with oysters with a glass of champagne or enjoy a sundowner cocktail with truffle on a French toast.

We also have a delicious selection of lobster dishes.

Or you can go for more fulfilling meals to share with friends such as Pastel On a Yacht (an assortment of seafood) and flambeed fish.

They will also look good on your Instagram.

Iode Bangkok

exterior with terrace of the French restaurant Iode Bangkok

From the stylish streets of Paris to the vibrant city of Bangkok comes a chic and cozy bistro called Iode.

It is located deep inside Sathorn Soi 1 in the Si Bamphen neighborhood, bringing fresh and creative French cuisine focused on seafood.

Iode is a refreshing mix of elegant and casual dining that highlights an open kitchen with live cooking.

That means you get to eat and enjoy an exciting show at the same time.

The dishes we recommend at Iode are the signature seafood pasta, the dry-aged sea bream sashimi, and their amazing plate of Turbot with beurre blanc.

They also have great seafood platters that come with oysters, shrimp, and scallops.

El Mercado

Awesome seafood platter with oysters and lobster from El Mercado in Bangkok.

El Mercado is a casual eatery and deli that has 4 branches across Bangkok, in Khlong Toei, Watthana, Sathorn, and Sukhumvit.

El Mercado is well-known for their amazing cheese, cold cuts, wine, and seafood.

Their fresh oysters in particular are a big hit.

You can taste all kinds of different oysters as well as prawns and bulot on their signature seafood platter.

Another dish we recommend is the Tuk Tuk pasta which comes with a delicious serving of crab meat.

The El Mercado Paella is also a must try.

El Mercado also regularly offers fantastic deals and promotions for special occasions.

Keep an eye out for them.

Ministry of Crab Bangkok

Beautiful plate of crab at Ministry of Crab in Bangkok.

Ministry of Crab is a famous seafood restaurant that has branches in seven cities in Asia.

In Bangkok, it is located in Sukhumvit Soi 31 inside a beautifully designed and elegant venue.

As you can guess by the name, it is all about the crabs here.

Every dish here celebrates crab as the star ingredient.

While you can eat things like crab risotto or pasta, the real dining experience is ordering a full crab in different sizes and flavors.

Choose between a ½ kilo crab all the way up to a 2kg Crabzilla.

Then select the flavors such as Sri Lankan curry, spicy Thai basil, or the original pepper recipe.

Octo Sukhumvit

Amazing plate of lobster at Octo Sukhumvit in Bangkok.

Octo is a popular seafood restaurant located deep inside Sukhumvit Soi 24, close to Rama 4 Road.

It has a massive menu featuring mouthwatering Thai seafood dishes like larb salmon, fried rice with crab meat, grilled prawns, whole-fried fish, and a lot more.

Octo is more than a restaurant.

It’s also a great hangout spot for young Thais and expats because of its lively atmosphere thanks to the beer buffet, happy hour promos, and unique events with live music and DJ performances.

This isn’t just a place to eat excellent seafood, it’s where you go to have a good time.


What is the best seafood restaurant in Sukhumvit?

The best seafood restaurant in Sukhumvit is Pastel Bangkok. Try our famous Pastel On The Yacht which is an assortment of seafood brought on a miniature yacht.

What is the best seafood restaurant in Bangkok to eat lobster?

The best seafood restaurant in Bangkok to eat lobster is Pastel. We have French toast with Lobster and Lobster Fettuccine waiting for you.

Amazing oysters with citrus at Pastel Rooftop bar in Bangkok.

Pastel Team Selected For You The Best Restaurants In Bangkok

Discover Bangkok’s finest dining with our handpicked selections.

And when you’re in Sukhumvit, make sure to visit Pastel Bangkok for an unforgettable Mediterranean culinary experience.