Whether you’re a fan of fresh seafood or trying oysters for the first time, Bangkok has some fantastic spots for you.

But with so many options across the city, it can be hard to choose where to go.

That’s why our team has selected the best restaurants for you.

Here’s a guide to the top six places where you can enjoy delicious oysters in Bangkok.

1. Pastel Rooftop Bar

Clients eating oysters Fine de Clair with the sunset view at Pastel Rooftop in Bangkok.

Located in the busy district of Sukhumvit, Pastel Rooftop Bar is not only about the view but also the flavors.

Our restaurant offers a stunning view of the city skyline.

Pair it with a selection of fine oysters to make it a perfect spot for romantic evenings or a classy night out with friends.

The skyline and our oysters are the ideal combo for an incredible sunset in Bangkok.

Our selection of fresh oysters can be enjoyed plain or with a hint of dressing, perfect to enhance their natural flavors.

Also, don’t miss our ladies’ night on Thursday to enjoy our buy 1 get 1 offer on oysters all night.

2. The DOCK Emquartier

Delicious fresh oyster platter served at the Dock Emquartier near Phrom Pong BTS station in Bangkok.

Located in the trendy Emquartier shopping center, The DOCK offers a diverse seafood menu, with oysters being a prominent highlight.

Here, oysters are sourced from the best farms in France and served with a variety of condiments to suit every taste. 

The ambiance is lively and modern, ideal for enjoying a casual meal after a day of shopping in Emquartier or the nearby malls.

3. El Mercado

We can see fresh an oyster platter with lemon slices and sauces in El Mercado market restaurant in Bangkok.

El Mercado is a reference for seafood enthusiasts. 

This restaurant serves some of the freshest oysters in town, which are flown in from France and Ireland regularly. 

You can choose from a range of international varieties, from Gillardeau to Fines de Cancale and Irish N° 2 and N° 3.

Each offers a unique flavor profile to satisfy every palate.

Pair your oysters with their incredible selection of wine.

4. The Oyster Bar x Escape Bangkok

A table where there is an oyster platter and other seafood product at The Oyster Bar Escape in Bangkok. We can see different type of oysters presented with sauces and lemon slices.

Situated within the chic confines of Escape Bangkok, The Oyster Bar is the go-to spot for oyster aficionados.

The bar specializes in premium oysters that are carefully selected for their quality and flavor. 

The sophisticated decor and attentive service make it an ideal location for a luxury dining experience

Whether it’s for a special occasion or a treat for yourself, the oyster selections here will not disappoint.

5. Oysterman

Here are Gillardeau oysters with lemon served by a runner at The Oysterman restaurant in Bangkok.

Oysterman stands out with its dedicated oyster bar setting, where the seafood products are the star of the show.

Here, you can try a variety of oysters that are both local and imported, served raw or with a selection of special sauces prepared by the chef.

The intimate setting and knowledgeable staff make it a great spot for those looking to explore different oyster flavors.

6. Le Cabanon

Here are oysters and seafood platters in the french restaurant of Le Cabanon in Bangkok.

You can find a slice of the French Riviera in the heart of Bangkok, Le Cabanon offers an authentic French dining experience.

Their oysters are among the best in the city, served fresh with a side of exquisite wines.

The cozy, rustic ambiance and the attention to detail in every dish make it a must-visit for those who appreciate the finer things in life.


What types of oysters can you find in Bangkok?

In Bangkok, you can find a wide range of oysters, from Pacific oysters to native French Belons and everything in between.

What is the price of oysters in Bangkok?

The price of oysters in Bangkok ranges from 50 to 300 THB per oyster.

What is the best place to enjoy oysters in Bangkok?

The best place to enjoy oysters in Bangkok is Pastel Bangkok Rooftop Bar and Restaurant. They have a great selection of Fine de Claire and Gillardeau oysters.