Bangkok is a buzzing capital with hundreds of clubs and bars that are open till late at night, every night.

There is no shortage of choices and styles of clubs.

You will find mega clubs and underground clubs, each aiming to create a unique experience.

Some play mainstream EDM while others focus on hip-hop, house, techno, or some distinctive genre in between.

We looked at some of the clubs around town and here are a few we think are the best ones for an epic party.

Before You Go To One Of These Clubs

bottle service and celebration at Pastel Bangkok rooftop bar

Clubs in Bangkok don’t get exciting till after 11 PM or sometimes even midnight.

That is why it is a good idea to pregame or have a chilled time at a rooftop restaurant or bar before you head out to the clubs.

At Pastel, we created the perfect vibe and ambiance to get you in the mood to party all night.

We start it off slow during sunset with special drink and food menus.

Come to experience all three in a cozy setting.

As the evening goes on, we have DJs playing fantastic tunes every night to get you going and we also have incredible bottle service packages to get you buzzed before going to any one of the clubs below.

We recommend making a reservation in advance as we are often fully booked.

Sugar Club Bangkok

MC on stage of Sugar Club Bangkok in Sukhumvit Soi 11 opposite Pastel Bangkok rooftop bar

One of the most popular hip-hop clubs in Sukhumvit is Sugar.

It is located at the heart of Sukhumvit Soi 11, just across the road from our rooftop bar, and draws in hundreds of tourists, expats, and sexy Thai girls every single night.

For those who are big fans of hip-hop and rap music, Sugar Club is the place to be.

It brings in the best local hip-hop DJs, MCs, and dance performers in town.

They have also hosted famous international artists such as Rae Sremmurd, Tyga, Kid Ink, and more.

It’s the ultimate spot for dancing, and partying and even has sections with VIP tables.

Levels Club and Lounge

main room of Levels Club and Lounge in Bangkok Sukhumvit Soi 11 in Thailand

Levels is another exciting place to have crazy parties and one of Sukhumvit Soi 11’s long-standing clubs, 

The club is known for its friendly staff, stunning interior design, and overall sensational ambiance.

They also have superb VIP service that includes exceptional hospitality, highly comfortable tables, special drink packages, and even a private hostess.

For entertainment, Levels has an excellent combination of in-house DJs and MCs who perform different genres of music that include top hits from today to the 80’s, hip-hop, and some EDM.

Along with the music artists, they also have incredibly sexy dancers on stage who really know how to captivate the crowd.

Eden Club

Eden Club Bangkok with red lazers and people dancing

What used to be Candy x Bobo is now Eden and it is the only techno and house club on Sukhumvit Soi 11.

It has quickly gained huge popularity among a hardcore fan base but also draws in curious party goers.

The club has two floors but all the action happens on the 1st floor where there is a DJ booth, standing tables, and a huge dance floor in the middle.

Eden is regularly hosting exciting events featuring an awesome lineup of local and international DJs.

Along with great entertainment, Eden has a fantastic lighting system of spotlights and lasers.


people partying at Bobo Club in Bangkok Sukhumvit road in Thailand

If you are looking for a unique and luxury clubbing experience, Bobo is where you want to go.

The club is known for playing non-stop EDM, hip-hop, and R&B music that is elevated by enthusiastic MCs and sexy dance performers.

Bobo has a lively ambiance, chic interior design, and a fashionable crowd.

The club also attracts some of the most beautiful girls in Bangkok who are looking to drink all night and just have fun.

Much like Candy x Bobo, Bobo also has exclusive VIP tables and booths where the spotlight is all on you and your group.

Sing Sing Theater

crowd partying and dancing at Sing Sing Theater club in Sukhumvit area in Bangkok Thailand

There is no partying in Bangkok without a party at Sing Sing Theater.

It is one of Bangkok’s best nightclubs that hosts all kinds of special events, DJs, and performers.

The music here is different every day.

Some days it is hip-hop and Latino while other days it is house and techno.

When you are not busy on the dance floor, reserve any one of the tables with bottle service on the first or second floor.

You can even check out the secret room upstairs where they serve cocktails and you can go for a smoke or a cigar.


Awesome party with a dj at the Spaceplus club Bangkok

Get ready to lift off into space and beyond in this wild and energetic EDM club located on the outskirts of RCA.

Spaceplus is a futuristic nightclub known for hosting some of the best local and international EDM DJs.

Music genres here range from hardstyle and dubstep to hard techno and psychedelic trance.

Another feature that makes this club a hit with Thais and Asian foreigners is the insane light show and visuals.

The club is covered with a dozen LED screens and flickering neon laser lights that add to the wild atmosphere.

They also hold weekly events and mini-festivals a few times a year.


Nice party with a dj at the Beam Club Bangkok

If you are looking for an underground-style club with a chic ambiance that promises to play non-mainstream music, then Beam is the best place for you.

Located on the 2nd floor of 72 Courtyard in the vibrant neighborhood of Thonglor, Beam is a 2-story club that is all about good music and unpretentious vibes.

It is one of the few clubs in Bangkok where you actually have a dance floor.

Oh, and it vibrates as well, which creates an amazing sensation that complements the music.

Beam is also renowned for its incredible lighting system that includes lasers and spotlights that transport you into a different dimension.


Big party with singers at the Chupa Bangkok club

Located on the 45th floor of the T-One Building, right under the Tichuca rooftop bar, in the thriving nightlife scene of Thonglor, is a small but growingly popular nightclub called Chupa. 

The club has a vibrant vibe where most of the energy comes from sexy dancers and the exciting DJ lineup.

Here you can enjoy pop music, hip-hop, and even some EDM. 

But whatever the music is, you can be sure it is going to get you dancing all night.

Chupa hosts regular events and promotions that attract mostly young and hip Thai crowds from all over Bangkok.


Great party with a lot of people dancing at Sway Club Bangkok

Sway is commonly named Bangkok’s home of hip-hop. 

And it is without a doubt one of the top hip-hop clubs in Bangkok. 

Legendary Thai artists such as Bangkok Invaders are often seen playing at Sway. 

The club also has several highly talented and exciting resident DJs who play everything from old-school rap to R&B and even trap music.

In addition to the awesome music, Sway has incredible daily promotions and constantly has a lineup of exciting events.

This is the place to be if you have a true love for hip-hop within a cool-vibe space.

Maggie Choo

Photo of the bar and warm lights at the Maggie Bangkok

Hidden beneath the Novotel Hotel in the Silom neighborhood, Maggie Choo is a unique nightlife spot that combines the vibes of both a speakeasy bar and a sophisticated club.

It is known for its 1930s Shanghai prohibition-era theme that can be seen in the interior design, decorations, and overall ambiance. 

Maggie Choo hosts regular events that feature live bands, DJs, and exotic performances. 

If you want to experience a chilled and intimate vibe with close friends while enjoying a mix of music genres such as hip-hop, R&B, deep house, and jazz, Maggie Choo is a great place to go.

And for those who want a bit of privacy, they have tables in rooms around the club that make the experience even more unique.

Onyx Bangkok

interior with red light at Onyx club Bangkok in RCA

Onyx Bangkok stands out as the go-to destination for Hi-So Thais and Asian tourists.

With its incredible design, impeccable service, and huge lineup of local and international DJs.

The club has welcomed many headliners, including James Hype, Paul Van Dyk, Borgeous, and others.

It’s the best club in RCA (Royal City Avenue) for a VIP night.

Don’t forget to book in advance as the nightclub is often fully booked, especially during the weekend,

Baccarat Bangkok

DJ playing in front of a crowd at Baccarat nightclub in Sukhumvit Soi 24 in Bangkok

Baccarat Bangkok is the new trendy after-party club in Sukhumvit,

Branded as a Sexy & Moody Cocktail Bar, the nightclub is located in Sukhumvit Soi 24, in the lobby of The Davis Hotel.

It’s often open “until late”, meaning after 2 AM.

Every Tuesday, Baccarat hosts a special night featuring hip-hop music. 

The rest of the time, the music is a mix of house, techno, R&B, and hip-hop.

As for the crowd, it is mostly Thais and a few expats.

Remember to adhere to the smart casual dress code when you pay a visit and to check their Instagram account to see what’s happening.


crowd cheering a DJ at MUIN Bangkok nightclub in the area of Thonglor

MUIN is the first flagship nightclub in Thailand from the famous brand of Korean clubs of the same name.

The club is located on the 5th floor of Don Don Donki Mall Thonglor, a short walk from some of the best cocktails bars, and restaurants in Bangkok.

They welcome guests every day from 9 PM till late, and offer a stacked lineup of DJs, with up to 6 DJs per night.

The club provides captivating visual shows and can host between 300 and 500 people. 

With a diverse mix of music genres from Thai pop to EDM, hip-hop, and Korean music, MUIN has something for everyone.

Famous Thai DJs like Bangkok Invaders frequently perform at the venue, along some very energetic dancers.

It’s not uncommon to spot celebrities there too.

For example, Bruno Mars and his team visited the club after the star’s concert in Bangkok. 

As for the price, the entry fee for MUIN Bangkok is 500 THB, with standing tables available for 5,000 THB and sitting tables for 20,000 THB.


How much are clubs in Bangkok?

Most clubs in Bangkok have an entry fee of about 300-400 THB.
The price of bottles starts at around 2,900 THB while VIP packages are 10,000 THB and up with some clubs offering VVIP packages at 50,000 THB and above.

Which clubs in Bangkok have the best VIP service?

The clubs in Bangkok with the best VIP service are Bobo, Sugar Club Bangkok, Levels Club and Lounge, and Spaceplus.

Which area of Bangkok has the best clubs?

The area of Bangkok that have the best clubs in Sukhumvit Soi 11 with Sugar Club Bangkok, Levels Club and Lounge, and Eden Club, all just a few hundred meters from each other.

What is the best club for couples in Bangkok?

The best clubs in Bangkok for couples are Levels Club and Lounge and Sing Sing Theater.

Which club do foreigners go to in Bangkok?

Most foreigners in Bangkok go to Sugar Club Bangkok, Levels Club and Lounge, Eden Club, Bobo, and Sing Sing Theater.

What is the best club to dance in Bangkok?

The best clubs to dance in Bangkok are Sugar Club Bangkok if you like hip-hop, Levels Club and Lounge if you like EDM and popular hits, and Sing Sing Theater if you like house music.