We’ve got the ultimate guide for singles in Bangkok.

Imagine sipping cocktails under the stars, dancing to house beats, or sharing a laugh over a glass of fine wine as you meet new people.

Here’s the promise: Whether you’re seeking a lively chat or just a night of fun, Bangkok’s nightlife offers the perfect setting to meet new people and create unforgettable memories.

Let’s explore the top spots where singles mingle and connections spark in Bangkok!

Rooftop Bars

Hot Thai models at Pastel rooftop bar in Sukhumvit Soi 11 in Bangkok.

Rooftop bars in Bangkok offer a stunning backdrop for socializing.

They’re also perfect for getting to know your Tinder match in a relaxed atmosphere.

You can start a conversation over the breathtaking views while sipping on a creative cocktail.

These spots attract a diverse crowd, making them ideal for all singles.

Enjoy the open air and skyline views as you get to know each other.

Grab a drink early in the evening as you watch the sunset, or come later to dance to the sound of the best DJs.

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A lively group of gorgeous single ladies enjoying a night out at Sugar Club.

Clubs are the go-to for a wild night out.

The lively environment is great for dancing and meeting others who love to have fun.

With great music and a vibrant crowd, it’s easy to connect with fellow party-goers.

Just join the dance floor and let the music lead the way.

Or book a VIP table, get the bottles flowing, and start sharing drinks with the girls and guys you like.

3 clubs we recommend to meet singles in Bangkok:

  • Sugar Club Bangkok: Being the best hip-hop club in Bangkok, Sugar Club attracts a young, energetic crowd perfect for those who love to dance.
  • Levels Club: With a mix of EDM and top 40 hits, Levels is ideal for party-goers looking for a high-energy atmosphere and a diverse international crowd.
  • Sing Sing Theater: Sing Sing offers a unique, visually stunning experience that happens to attract the most beautiful people in Bangkok.

Wine Bars 

Amazing girls in black dress smiling at a wine bar in Bangkok.

Wine bars offer an ideal setting to meet singles or bring your Bumble date.

They’re ideal for meaningful conversations over fine wine.

You can bond over a shared love for wines in a cozy ambiance.

The city’s top wine bars are ideal for a more mature crowd looking for genuine connections.

2 wine bars we recommend to meet singles in Bangkok:

  • Bisou Bangkok: Offering a chic and elegant atmosphere, Bisou is great for those looking to enjoy fine wine in a more upscale but relaxed setting.
  • Mod Kaew Wine Bar: A cozy, intimate setting with a vast wine selection, perfect for those who appreciate a quieter, refined evening.

Cocktail Bars

Three stylish Thai girls enjoying a party at a cocktail bar in Bangkok.

In Bangkok, cocktail bars combine great drinks with a fun and relaxed vibe.

They’re ideal for singles looking to chat in a lively yet intimate setting.

Strike up a conversation over a unique cocktail creation.

These spots are perfect for a chill night out with the potential to meet someone special.

3 cocktail bars we recommend to meet singles in Bangkok:

  • Havana Social: Cuban-themed bar, great for a lively and fun atmosphere as well as dancing salsa.
  • Escape Bangkok: Known for its creative cocktails and stylish decor, it’s a trendy spot for social butterflies and cocktail enthusiasts.
  • Rimshot Bar: The go-to bar for a lot of Hi-So Thais and wealthy expats, Rim Shot offers an upscale cocktail experience in a chic setting with a DJ and live drums. 

Live Music Bars

A group of stunning girls, elegantly dressed, posing for a photo at Abandoned Mansion Bangkok.

Live music bars add a lively twist to your night.

Enjoy great tunes and meet others who appreciate good music.

These bars often have a friendly atmosphere, making it easy to mingle and meet new people.

2 live music bars we recommend to meet singles in Bangkok:

  • Bluebird Jazz Bar: A hidden gem offering a relaxed environment with smooth jazz music, perfect for a laid-back night with potential romantic undertones.
  • The Iron Fairies Music Bar Bangkok: Dive into a magical, fairy-tale-like setting with engaging live music, perfect for sparking conversations with fellow music lovers.


What is the best place to meet single girls in Bangkok?

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A Thai Instagram models smiling and dancing at the Pastel rooftop bar with sunset behind her

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Bangkok’s nightlife is full of opportunities for singles to connect.

From the heights of rooftop bars to the intimate setting of wine bars, there’s something for every taste.

Explore these venues and who knows, you might just meet someone special!

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